Frank and SoberCare

My name is Frank, a 47 year old entrepreneur who – now almost 2 years ago – needed to face his problems regarding alcohol use. My wife, at that time, told me she wanted to divorce me. I thought; this is serious. I need to do something now. A week later I started clinical treatment. […]

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My name is Ivonne and I am a alcoholic During my voluntary clinical programme I was asked whether I would like to participate in the SoberCare programme. Conducting alcohol breath tests with the Soberlink 4 times a day a full year long. I have been doing this for eight months now and for me, it ...

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Leo – Clinical counselor

I am working with SoberCare for a year now, and can clearly see the added value during after care, after the clinical phase. In my opinion the recovery process is complex, with many factors involved. Crucial for success is the motivation of the addict seeking recovery, however motivation only ...

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