Below are the frequently asked questions.
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General questions

What is close monitoring?

Close monitoring is testing for the presence of alcohol at regular intervals throughout the day. Close monitoring testing allows the participant and recovering alcoholic to irrefutably prove their sobriety to not just themselves, but all those around them. It is in direct contrast to other monitoring programmes which use random testing.

Why does close monitoring work so well?

Research has shown that the chances of a relapse are strongly reduced by close monitoring. This is because the participants:

  • can actually prove their sobriety by means of an objective measurement tool and can regain trust from the people in their environment
  • is consciously and actively involved with their recovery throughout the day
  • no longer needs to have difficult discussions with family or friends about their alleged use of alcohol
  • often can go back to work quicker and get into a positive daily routine
  • will trust him or herself again and have confidence in their ability to recover
How many tests are planned daily within the programme?

To determine sobriety we ask participants to do a test, on average, 4 times a day. Taking a test will not take more than 30 seconds and can be done anywhere. Each test needs to be provided within a 2 hour time frame. The testing schedule is made together with the participant and, if applicable, the participants’ medical advisor, to ensure that the schedule will fit well into the participants’ daily routine.

Who will receive the test results?

Only those you have permitted access. For example, specified friends, family and employers. Also only employees of SoberCare who are allowed and cleared to do daily checks will be able to see your test results.

Is SoberCare safe in relation to privacy laws?

We take your privacy very seriously. SoberCare complies all rules and regulations regarding privacy and storage of personal information. All results are stored in a well secured environment, encrypted with code names applied.

Can I go on vacation during the SoberCare programme?

Yes. In fact we encourage you to regain a normal, positive life as soon as possible and it is part of the role of SoberCare to enable you to do so. Participants can simply continue the programme although it’s important you let us know your dates and location so that the schedule can be adjusted to local time zones and internet availability. In the event that an internet connection is intermittent, it is possible to test and store performed tests throughout the day and send them once a day (when internet available).

Technical questions

Do I need an iPhone to use SoberCare?

Yes. The mobile breathalyzer currently only works in combination with an iPhone. In order to participate with the programme you will need a iPhone 5c or higher, with a data subscription. For questions regarding this subject you can contact SoberCare through our contact form.

Do I need a data subscription to use SoberCare?

Yes. You will need to have a 3G or 4G data subscription on your iPhone. This is the only way that you can test and send the results when away from home, on the road, out of reach from wifi. Data use of the Soberlink is very limited.

How do I connect the Soberlink to a new phone?

The Soberlink only works in combination with an iPhone. In case you change phones, the new iPhone can easily be linked to your new iPhone. Simply follow the information in the instructions leaflet of the Soberlink. You can also always call the SoberCare service desk in case of problems with connection or linking the Soberlink.


How often does the Soberlink need to be charged?

The Soberlink can be used for approximately one week before the battery is empty. We advice you to regularly charge the Soberlink and use it with a full battery. This will reduce the chance of missed tests and will prolong battery life.

How much time does it take to perform a test?

In general conducting and sending a test does not take more than 30 seconds.

Is it possible to sabotage the tests?

The Soberlink verifies the identity of the user by taking a photo using facial recognition software. The Soberlink also has detection software that notices attempts of sabotage and sends this information to SoberCare . SoberCare is designed to be safe, secure, effective and tamper proof.

Are there extra costs involved if I do additional tests?

No. Taking extra tests will not cost you extra. If you feel the need to prove your sobriety by taking additional tests outside of your scheduled time frames, you may do so as much as you like without additional costs. We encourage you to test as much as you feel you need to sustain and prove your sobriety and support your long term recovery.

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