Frank and SoberCare

My name is Frank, a 47 year old entrepreneur who – now almost 2 years ago – needed to face his problems regarding alcohol use. My wife, at that time, told me she wanted to divorce me. I thought; this is serious. I need to do something now. A week later I started clinical treatment. Torn away from my daily life, away from my wife, children, work and …. alcohol.

Introduction to SoberCare

During my time at the clinic I heard about SoberCare. I didn’t feel I was necessary. I would never drink again. However, I started to realise more and more that this personal conviction would not necessarily be shared by my friends, family and mostly, my wife. With SoberCare you have nothing to hide. You test 4 times a day, and the test results can be shared with people I have something to prove to. People that are – rightfully – sceptical towards me, as I have disappointed then to often in the past. I enlisted to the programme.

Giving a positive twist to my obsession

As drinking has grown into an obsession in the past, performing my tests was also during the first weeks a goal in itself. Testing in time and showing you are sober means a green dot. Every day there are 4 dots to be gained, every week 28. I needed to ‘score’ them all. Being sober wasn’t the challenge. The sport was to be on time every time. The few times I was a few minutes late, I immediately called SoberCare to ensure myself that this wouldn’t result in an orange or even red dot.

A difficult moment

Besides providing me with ‘green dots’ SoberCare has guarded me at a certain moment against a relapse. It is bizarre how on such moments of despair you evaluate the possible consequences, you rank them, and even eliminate them at a certain point. “I have disappointed friends and family before, they will understand”. However I somehow felt it was ‘a bridge to far’ for me to throw away SoberCare and my collection of ‘green dots’. How something so impersonal could have such a decisive impact on such a crucial moment has been a mystery for me for a long time. Now I think, that I realized at that moment, that I needed to make the right choice for myself, and for nobody else. Because if you succeed in that, you are truly free.

Grtz, Frank