SoberCare is a remote close monitoring programme, using the user friendly Soberlink. Discreet, private breath alcohol tests can be submitted through an iPhone’s existing wifi or cell connection. This way you can show your sobriety from virtually anywhere in the world.

The programme

SoberCare is designed so that participants can demonstrate their sobriety in the easiest, clearest way possible.

The programme starts with a consultation between the participant and a SoberCare consultant. A specific, customized programme will be created and a contract drawn up. The contract will include details of who the test results will be sent to; usually the participant and his/her family.

A few times a day (usually 4 times), the participant will take an alcohol breathalyzer test using the Soberlink provided. The SOBERLINK has an built in camera; when the participant blows into the machine, a picture is taken to confirm his or her identity. The test results are then sent, including photo, automatically through an iPhone’s existing wifi or cell connection to SoberCare.

Each test takes less than 30 seconds and there is a 2 hour time period within which the test needs to be taken.


A key part of SoberCare is the decision who the participant’s test results are shared with. This decision is made by you together with SoberCare and possibly a medical advisor and, while it is usually family, it can be anyone who may have a role and impact in the your long term recovery including friends, employers and work colleagues.

If the recipients don’t hear anything from SoberCare they can be sure that the tests are being done on time and recovery is progressing well. They can also receive a weekly report though with details of all test results.

Should signs of a relapse occur, such as a missed or positive test, the pre-agreed set of contacts will be notified.

A personal programme

After a period in rehab, it can be difficult to stay sober. And yet, staying and keeping sober is the key to long term recovery.

SoberCare is designed to support you and reassure those around you.

Your customized testing programme of – normally – 4 tests per day will be designed to fit in with your normal day and personal situation. With a 2 hour testing window, we can help you test at those times when it might be difficult to stay sober, providing you with the extra encouragement and resolve not to drink.

You’ll find that SoberCare quickly and easily becomes part of your daily routine. You can opt to receive text messages and always get in touch with a SoberCare contact if you have any questions.



During my time at the clinic I heard about SoberCare. I didn’t feel I was necessary. I started to realise more and more that this personal conviction would not necessarily be shared by my friends, family and mostly, my wife.


After I left the clinic I started using SoberCare. One year 4 tests a day! I have been doing this for 8 months now and it is a really stimulans for me to stay away from the bottle!


Leo is a clinical sobriety consultant. He has been working with SoberCare for some of his clients for more than 1 year.

Soberlink Cellular

The Soberlink is a discreet handheld mobile breathalyzer that checks the presence of alcohol. During the breath test, the device takes a picture (using its built-in high resolution camera) to confirm your identity. The photo and breath alcohol results are then wirelessly transmitted, via the built-in GSM card, to the secure SoberCare monitoring platform. Employees discreetly check the tests of the users and take action when necessary.

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