My name is Ivonne and I am a alcoholic

During my voluntary clinical programme I was asked whether I would like to participate in the SoberCare programme. Conducting alcohol breath tests with the Soberlink 4 times a day a full year long. I have been doing this for eight months now and for me, it has been an additional motivation not to drink. Somebody is looking over my shoulder. Moreover: I can no longer fool myself. Believe me: during my time as an active alcoholic I was very good in doing so, thinking that everything wasn’t as bad as it was. Now I am immediately pulled into reality, when I take a wrong turn.

When I was sober for two months, we needed to put our dog to sleep. This was a typically trigger moment to start drinking again. Not to feel anything anymore. I wanted to keep my valuable sober months, however. The fact that the SoberCare team would see I had been drinking was a strong motivation not to do so. And there have been more moments like that.

In short: life.

The testing is no big effort. I do it at home, when I am visiting people, or even in the train or tram.

I am abstinent for nine months now, and I do not want to throw this away. SoberCare is a big help in that.