Leo – Clinical counselor

I am working with SoberCare for a year now, and can clearly see the added value during after care, after the clinical phase.

In my opinion the recovery process is complex, with many factors involved. Crucial for success is the motivation of the addict seeking recovery, however motivation only is not enough. As it wasn’t enough in the past…. Behavioural change and complete abstinence are necessary for having a realistic chance at long term recovery.

The 12 step Minnesota-model provides the behavourioral change aspect; complete abstinence is a basic requirement for that. The added value of SoberCare is primarily in supporting of this very important aspect. In the first year of recovery the addict is being faced with so many challenges that additional support is more than welcome. SoberCare provides that additional bit of motivation to my clients that choose to participate in the programme. This is because it is a deliberate choice of the client to participate in a structured monitoring program.

It also provides peace of mind in the cycle of family and friend, who know during the recovery proces how the recovery is progressing. This is as crucial and makes the difference in this turbulent phase, in which the end goal of the client is not always fully clear. This is also what I hear from my clients.

SoberCare enables me, as a counselor, to measure discipline – to check whether the client delivers on his or her commitments – en to intervene when nessecary.

As support in ‘picking up their life again’, and everything that comes with that, I can fully support this methodology.